Monday, June 20, 2011

You only get one shot

   I do believe I have a new motto for myself..or at least one to add to my collection. You do in fact, it seems, only get one shot. It makes sense really..if you think about it. It might not always be a good first shot..but you only get that one. I am going to hope that most of my first shots are good ones. LIke if your in a fight, that first shot had better be stellar, you just might get your ass whooped. 
    I am starting to think that relationships follow that same guideline. You only get one first shot at a good impression. One first shot for attraction. One first shot to grab their attention. One first shot to prove your worth coming back for a second. I think that most of us miss that first shot. The second and third might be sweet, but they will never have the potential to be as sweet as that first impression could have been. 
    I seem to be struggling a lot lately with the decisions I've made in my life. Did I make the right choice? What could have happened? What if I had chosen that instead of this, or this instead of that? What if I had said this, or done this..would it have turned out differently? 
I will end up killing myself inside slowly if I dont stop asking myself. I will never know the answers..and a big part of me honestly believes that everything happens for a reason. No matter what bad decision we make, there has to be some good that comes from it somewhere. Sometimes we just dont see that good right away..and sometimes someone else has to point out to us what we are not seeing. 
   I think Im ready for someone else to point out what Im not seeing. Its like wheres waldo..ive been looking to hard, I keep passing him up without even realizing it! 
I swear my life sometimes feels like a wheres waldo page..there are so many things that are missing, hiding right in front of my nose that I just havent found yet. One day though, I will find them all..I hope..haha.

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