Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maybe we had it wrong all along..

Everyone says kids in high school don't know what love is. They don't understand what it means. I think maybe, just maybe, everyone is wrong. I think that maybe, they do understand. I think they have a better grasp on it then the rest of us do. In high school, you counted every month as an anniversary that meant something. Sure, maybe you think tha'ts petty or trivial, but aren't those the little things we always care about anyways? Girls in high school get more jewelry and flowers from their boyfriends then most adult women do. Not that those are important things, but really ladies, come on. Who doesn't want those things every once in awhile? Maybe as we get older we try too hard to categorize everything, to set molds that just aren't realistic. Whatever happened to the days of being with someone because they made you happy? I know that I would give anything to find a guy who actually understood me. Who cared enough to know those little things. Not just pretend to know them because he had too. 
Sometimes I think we make love more complicated then it needs to be, and I know that starting right now..I am going to simplify it. I refuse to settle. 


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