Friday, June 17, 2011

Rainy days are good for was sunny.

I have noticed a pattern in my life, and it pertains to males. It seems like there are either 20 guys in my life, or none at all. If I like one, then there are 3 more that come out of the woodwork. By the time I figure out who I like, they either have found other girls, or have just disappeared. It is starting to become a pain in my butt. My life is complicated enough without having to throw that into the mix. 
In terms of guys, there is one who seems to care about me unfailingly. He says he wants to marry me. Make me happy, treat me like I deserve, make sure I get everything I ever wanted. 
But I have reservations..mostly because he now lives in Virginia. When he lived here, we had a great time..but then he left. Im not sure how well I would handle packing up my life here to move down there. I dont know all the consequences of that yet. They may outweigh the benefits..but then again, maybe they wouldnt. Its hard to say at this point. I just know that I have a lot to think about.
Suggestions? Anyone...anyone?!  *sigh*

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